Bodrum Departure Routes

7 Days Bodrum ? Gokova Gulf ? Cleopatra Island ? Bodrum

DAY 1 Welcome to Bodrum! After the embarkation of your yacht, you will have your diner with a great view of Bodrum castle and your first overnight stay will be in Bodrum Harbor. Bodrum is very famous with its night life, bars and pubs in Turkey. If you wish, you may enjoy your night here in nightclubs or have a walk in Bodrum Marine. Bodrum is also a favorite yacht holidays in turkey area for Turkish celebrities, high society and intellectuals.Bodrum is one of the oldest city of Kyra ancient community and its history goes back till B. C. 1200.  Bodrum is known as “Halicarnassus” and it is also known as a city of historian “Hederot”. In  B. C. 456 the city which was conquered by “Persians” has fended heretically by the queen “Artemisia”  after that Maussolos made the “Halicarnassus” capital city. After his death, his wife, 2nd Artemisia took over the control and she built a monument in a memory of her husband which is one of the  7 wonders of the world in history. It has 36 columns, 24 stairs to the roof, total height is 55 metres. It is also presented in British Museum.  The city was conquered by the Turks in 1247. Today it is still possible to see the antique remains of this monument, antique theatre and the Bodrum Castle (St. Peter Church).

DAY 2 After your first breakfast on your luxury yacht, you will sail to Orak Island which may remind you an aquarium with its shiny turquoise color water. The slope of the mountain is full of olive trees. This bay is one of the favorite places for scuba divers.After a swim and lunch break, you will visit a very cozy and peaceful village named as “Cokertme”. It has a famous song with its name. Diner and overnight stay will be in Cokertme.

DAY 3 Early in the morning, your luxury boat moor in a bay near “Cleopatra/ Sedir Island. This is the place where Mark Anthonius and Cleopatra had their greatest love. The sand in the Beach of Cleopatra Island is very special and supervised always by sand protectors since some people try to take this sand and sell it in the glass bottles. According to a belief, Mark Anthonius brought this golden sand from North Africa to make the softest beach for Cleopatra as a present. You will also have chance to visit the antique theatre and the antique city in the island. You will reach there with the small boat of your yacht. (There is an entrance fee for the island).

Afternoon, you will sail to “Karaca Sogut” which is a small cozy village and has cute fish restaurants. The overnight stay will be in Karaca Sogut.

DAY 4  After breakfast, today you are sailing  with your private gulet to the “British Harbor” where the British war ships hide in the war. It has pine and “Gulluk Forests” all around and it looks like a lake.

After your lunch in this bay, you will sail to “Balli Su” bay. It is one of the most beautiful bays in Gokova.

For overnight stay, you will go to the “Longoz” that has natural water resources.

Day 5 You will start a new day by sailing through Kufre beautiful islands which is a natural harbor in Turkey. If you wish you can have a walk inside the “Gulluk Forests”.

Thereafter, your captain will take you to “7 Islands”. If you wish, you may enjoy swimming and diving with colorful fishes. Dinner and overnight stay will be here.

DAY 6  Today your holiday program starts having breakfast in a beautiful nature and sailing through “Cati” Harbour. When you arrive to the other side of the bay with your private yacht, you will be fascinated with the beauty of the smooth sea and the colors of nature. This view will remind you a painting with its centuries old trees and calm, smooth and brightness water. You may spend your day here with swimming or hiking through the pine forests. A night under the sky with thousands of star is waiting for you. This is another advantage of a private yacht charter.

DAY 7 After your breakfast at your luxury gulet, you will arrive in “Kormen Bay”. On your last day of your blue cruise you will continue with sailing to the “Dark Ada” which has the healing mud and thermal water.

Subsequently, we will move back to Bodrum harbor. Diner and the overnight stay will be in Bodrum harbor. If you wish, you may enjoy your night here in nightclubs or have a walk in Bodrum Marine.

DAY 8 After your last breakfast in your private yacht, your crew will help you with disembarkation.

We hope that you enjoyed your yacht charter and leave the yacht with only best memories.  See you again in another blue cruise.

Extra Tours (upon request with additional cost): Turkish Hamam, Turkish Night