What do crew do when they guests leave the yacht

When guests arrived the yacht crews make sure that the yacht is ready for the next destination in Turkey. They are responsible for the cleaning, food and the other needs of the yacht accommodate in order to keep yacht environment comfortable for all the guest. They do the daily maintenance of the yacht. Clean the deck, do the shopping for the grocery, food and the other needs of the yacht crew. Preparation of the meal is more important for the guest. When the meal is prepared approx. 6 pm to 8 pm, crews provide to the best man – made food which is the suitable for the guests. JUSTINIANO is a good example for the guests who likes to spacious room, physical comfort, fresh food and also safety captain is more important for all yacht. In addition, crews always smile while waiting on the deck. 4 cabins are being cleaned by dependable crews every day. It has 4 crews ( 2 captains, 2 helper ).
Throughout the way team always gives you the best convenience. Chef is at your service for any meal you wish on the menu. If you are not full, there is more with delicious deserts and beverages. Chef is ready to serve to make you feel ready for the following entertainment.

If you want to drink something with your friends or family, there is always good serving.
This is another example for the gullet yachting in Turkey. KAYA GÜNER? V has 6 crews ( 2 captains, 2 helper, 2 sailor ). This gullet is one of the most luxurious in Bodrum region. It is classic type of yacht and ostly famous gullet in Bodrum, Turkey and Greece. Moreover, Kayagüneri has a hard-working stuff is ready for your possible needs in order to make you feel comfortable.