Private Gulet Holidays in Turkey

Gulets are specially designed yachts and different than motoryachts. Some Gulet Yachts are also powered not only by engine but also with sails. Having a Private Gulet Holiday is a must-have holiday for many people; they charter a yacht and try a different route each summer.

Private Gulet Holidays offer sailing with a traditional yacht that reminds an ancient Ottoman war ship. Its unique and elegant design lures many people to Southern Turkey or Greece and Croatia for chartering a yacht.

The best and professional Private Gulet Holidays are only offered in Turkey, Greece and Croatia. In Turkey and Greece, yacht holidays are popular for 30 years. Therefore, manufacturers and Yacht Charter TurkeyAgencies became very experienced in years and are very professional now with their service. In Croatia it’s on upbeat in recent years and getting more popular year after year. If you haven’t booked a holiday in a Gulet Yacht, you should definitely try this year. Being together with family and friends in these elegant yachts and sailing on a breathtaking route makes this holiday much better than a Hotel Holiday.

In Turkish coast, there are approximately 400 Gulets that is possible to charter for a week or more. They are mostly reserved already in January and early bookings are always good if you want to sail with a luxury yacht with much more reasonable prices. Most of luxury Gulet Yachts has return customers every year and the customers book the yacht for a couple of season in a row or at least they come every other year. In Croatia, there is a significant demand for yacht charters but the yacht options are limited in comparison with Turkey and Greece.

Why Private Gulet Holidays become that popular ?

There are many advantages of renting a Private Gulet. You will have qualified time with your family and friends. You will not be disturbed by other people and have utmost privacy. You don’t need to carry so many clothes from your hometown. You can design your own route and see many unique and beautiful places in a one week trip. It is a floating home that takes you wherever you would like to be. Professional service of luxury yachts are also another attracting point. All Gulet Yachts have at least 3 crew member that are always at your assistance. Having dinner at a table full of Healthy and Fresh Mediterranean foods and with an amazing scenery make you feel that you eat the best foods of your life.

Gulet Vacations are proper for babies, children and elder people as well. Children should always be supervised. If children follow the Gulet rules, they will enjoy this holiday at most.Many people especially choose Gulet Holidays with their kids since it is also a lot of fun for their children.

For elder people, it is a very relaxing and peaceful holiday that takes all burdens on their shoulder and refreshes their mind.

There are many blue cruise route options. According to your interests, you can choose one and have an amazing holiday this year.