Last Minute Booking

It is still possible to have last minute yacht charter bookings for 2014 summer. Although many yachts are already booked for the season, there might be last minute cancellations of some. Therefore, you still have chance to sail with a nice yacht this summer.


You can have your dream yacht with very reasonable prices. Owners of top luxury yachts make a good discount for last minute bookings.


  • The disadvantage of last minute booking is to fix yourself according to the yacht availability instead of your desired holiday date.
  • Booking the flights last minute would be quite expensive and probably compensate the last minute cheap yacht booking price and you may end up with same price as you booked 5 months ago.
  • Being spontaneous may be good for some people but for others, it means being in rush and getting so much tired to arrange everything at work before holiday.

What about early bookings for 2015?

Early yacht charter bookings for 2015 have already started intensively and the yachts started filling their weeks in 2015 season one by one. Who are making early bookings?

  • Many yachts have repeat customers that come every year or every second year.
  • Since some people miss the chance to sail with their dream yacht due to being booked by another person, therefore they make their reservation for 2015.
  • Some people’s friend or relatives had a blue cruise holiday and with the recommendation, their friends started having reservation for 2015.


  • Having good yachts with very reasonable prices
  • Most of the yachts are available
  • Buying cheap flights
  • Having time to arrange everything at work and over the job to someone properly


  • Although it is not a real disadvantage, unforeseen events such as an unexpected business meeting can be problematic. However, according to the contracts between customers and agency, customers can take back all payment amount for the cancellations 1 month ago than the embarking date.

For last minute bookings for 2014 and early bookings for 2015, you can contact with us for the best price. Private yacht charters in Turkey, Greece and Croatia offer so many things to explore for their  visitors.