Yacht Charter Tips

Yacht Charter Tips (FAQ)


There are almost 180 sunny days near the coasts of South Aegean region and Mediterranean Region of Turkey. It rains almost 200 mm per year for every meter. It rains most in January (approx. 570 mm) and least in July (approx. 2 mm).


• Instead of big, bulky cases, portable suitcases should be preferred according to the the yacht and its size, you should also bring your personal stuff that you will need on the boat.

• Do not forget to bring your sunscreen to have a sunbath on the deck. You may also need your music player and your book.

• Of course the most important clothing is your swimsuit.

• During the tour on spring time and autumn, the nights are a little colder than the other months so do not forget to bring your sweater. Bring a towel for sea, an extra swimsuit, a sun glasses, a hat, may be a book about the local region, your medicine and your personal stuff.

• You are not allowed to walk on the woodwork floor of the yacht with your shoes. If you are uncomfortable walking barefoot we recommend you to take a plastic slipper for the usage in the yacht. There will be clean sheets and towels in the cabins.


• Since the water tank is limited on the boat, you should be careful about using water and electric and you should turn it off when you’re done.

• It is very dangerous and not allowed to smoke in cabins. You can smoke on the deck. Please do not throw the stump of a cigarette into the sea.

• Please watch your personal stuff when it is windy outside

• Captain can change the route and the meal time according to the weather conditions

• You shouldn’t throw toilette paper and any foreign substance into the toilettes

• You shouldn’t be away from the yacht for a long time without telling your friends or the captain and you should be back on the time that captain says.

• Please supervise little kids on the boat. The kids who pay attention the warnings will enjoy the blue cruise most.

• You shouldn’t jump into the sea before the engines stop or the return completed and you shouldn’t swim so far away from the yacht and you shouldn’t be on the way of power boats and other yachts

• The little boat can only be used for the service and for safety. It can’t be used by the customers.

• You should be careful with the floor and the stairs, wet floor can make you slip.

• You should be careful with the ropes, scuttles, the cables, ground doors, propellers and fans for your safety

• You should check your room again before you leave the yacht

The personnel of Tum Tour will be glad to meet you and answer your questions  when you come to the yacht. Please do not hesitate to ask to your captain if you have any questions or any problem during the tour.


Which is the best season for blue cruise?
Between the months of June and September, it is the busiest times of Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. On July and August, the days are longer and hotter. June offers much more beauty with its hot days and chilly nights. Especially on September the sea becomes considerably hot. May and October
are the perfect months for sailing, tracking and fishing. April and November months are still adequate for blue cruise.

Which tour program is the best?
This question is very hard to answer. Most people who have been in a blue cruise are repeating this vacation at least once a year. So they changed their tour programs every time. If this will be your first vacation, you may choose Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris tour since it is the most popular tour. Bodrum-Gökova- Bodrum tour is a kind of natural tour. Antalya- Kas-Antalya tour is perfect for people who like history. And our Greek Islands tours are perfect for people who like to stop different cities every night.

Are the routes adequate for yachts?
The blue cruise area between Bodrum and Antalya is very adequate for a blue cruise because the sea is smooth. The yachts go through the bays and near the coasts. These travels are not in an open sea like the other ship cruises around the world. Turkish coast has thousands of small bays and islands.

Can we make a blue cruise in both Greece and Turkey?
Yes, but the prices will be higher because of the harbor costs and the distance.

What kinds of foods are offered in the yacht?
Besides famous traditional Turkish foods, you can have European cuisine like pasta, meatball or etc..
Of course you will also have fishes from Mediterranean Sea Tour.

What are the sizes of the cabins?
Cabins are comfortable enough for sleeping and there is a space for your belongings. Lux and Delux yachts will make you feel that you’re staying in a hotel.

Is there equipment for water sports?
In our yachts, there are snorkel and flipper equipment. In our private yacht renting, if you request before the tour we can provide you water-ski, canoe and water toys.

What kind of activities can we have during the tour?
The beautiful sea and nature offers you being away from the stress of city life. Tracking on the mountains, walking on the beaches, visiting the thousand years old history, spending time with your family and friends will make you relax. Also you can see the major touristic cities and villages of Turkey. There you can enjoy night life and cheap shopping. Blue cruise is a perfect vacation for every age of people