Private Yacht Charter

Private Yacht Charter

Yacht renting is getting more popular every year. On the contrary of the general belief, there are yachts for every price to rent. Renting a yacht with your family and friends enables you to make an independent and private plan for your holiday. Advantages of renting a private yacht charter are choosing your own yacht with all required features and demands, a tailor-made route, customized food, choosing the foods for every meal. All of your personal wishes and requirements will be realized by just letting us know. Being the oldest yacht agency in Turkey and 30th year of success with high customer satisfaction rates motivate our professional team to achieve always better. You can get the best information and the high quality assistance from our Customer Representatives.

To determine your vacation and pre-approval of your reservation, below information is enough for the first step.
1- Duration: Duration of your holiday (Start and end date) or alternative dates.
2- Number of cabins you would like to have and number of persons
3- Route Preference: With the help of our experienced agents you may choose your own route and make daily route changes which would be defined before the start date of your holiday. Our captains are very experienced and professional and would be very glad to inform you about the tour details, services and the security. It is very important for them to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your
vacation. You may also choose from our available route programs and make some adjustments.

Example Routes for private yacht charter

  4- Food preference: There are 2 options.

If you would like, you can shop from market and bring all of your foods and drinks with you for the duration of your holiday.

To avoid planning, conflict about what to buy or waste time you may benefit from Tum Tour’s special and traditional menus with extra daily expense. In our private yacht charter tours, food section is one of the most
appreciated fields. There are standard, luxury, deluxe and all inclusive menus. In both case, our chef would be responsible from cooking.

In our Gullets’ kitchen, many kinds of traditional or local Turkish foods as well as international foods are cooked according to the taste of our customers. All meals are prepared diligently by our chefs.

Our district is one of the biggest manufacturers of fresh vegetable and fruit. Fethiye is the second biggest tomato manufacturer in the country.

Our prices for the menus;

  • Standard menu is 20 EUR daily per person,
  • Lux menu is 30 € (euro) daily per person,
  • Deluxe menu is 40 EUR daily per person
  • All inclusive (all local alcohol and soft drinks together with deluxe menu) is 80 EUR daily for a person.
  • Unlimited soft drinks are 10 EUR daily per person.
  • The minimum rate for Food is 1.000 EUR weekly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for the private boat rental food menu list.

In addition to that, TUM TOUR always takes your preferences into consideration and attaches high importance on your opinions and food taste. We are flexible to make changes and adjustments
according to your wishes to make you have the best private yacht charter holidays in Turkey.

5. When you and your group have decided on the route and determine your food option, it is now time to choose the category of the Gullet that you would like to rent. There are Gullets with different length, width, comfort and different characteristics. We can divide the characteristics into five.

Classic Yachts Mostly in all cabins there are double beds and there are also cabins which have single beds, additionally in the cabins there are wardrobe, toilette, hot and cold water and a shower which is pulled out the tap. Generally classic yachts have 3 crews and a kitchen which has the capacity and all the necessary equipments for 3 repasts in a day. Inside and outside of the yacht there are two dining areas. The comfortable sitting area on the deck, music, all safety equipments, freezer, motor-operated dinghy, fishing equipments, snorkel equipments, cushions for sunbathing are all available. In many classic yachts, electric is provided from the battery (12 or 24 volt). Only at the nights near the coast we can have 220V electric.

Superior Yachts: These are the yachts which have air conditions addition to the classic Yachts.

Luxury Yachts: Mostly in all cabins there are double beds but there are also ​some cabins which have single beds. In some of our yachts there are wider rooms which is called master cabin. Luxury yachts have full equipment. These yachts are newer than classic gullets. Addition to classic gullets, luxury gullets have air conditioner, shower cabins, better sailing gear, generator, canoe and TV in the saloon, larger bed size and additional drawers under the bed. Also in every yacht there are extra equipment.

DeLuxe Yachts: Deluxe yachts are wider and more modern than the luxury yachts. Most of our deluxe yachts have 1 or 2 master cabins. Addition to luxury and classic gullets, these yachts have newer and full sailing equipment, larger bed size, better navigation system, much more living area, in some of them wind surfing and other entertainment equipments. etc. and there are extra equipment.

Super Luxury Yachts: These gullets are the Turkey’s most luxury yachts. All its cabins are master cabin and include Jacuzzi, more crew members for service, TV in every room and addition to this;
super luxury yacht has very luxury equipment to satisfy its customer. It’s comfort is compared to six star hotels.

To choose the right Gullet for your blue cruise in Turkey, you can also see the yacht section or contact us.  After telling us about your group, the tour type you would like to have we can recommend you the yacht with its detailed information and price.

Sooner you reserve your yacht, better chance to rent the particular yacht for you.  We would be more than happy to help you with your transfers to the boat and after the boat.