Food & Beverages

Food and Beverages

On board of the Turkish Gullets, the great cuisine of the Near and Middle East is offered for our guests. Turkish recipes are a fascinating mixture of Asian and Mediterranean cooking with Persian influences. Turkish food is freshly prepared and beautifully presented by the chefs of our Gullets which is not only healthy, but also very varied and tasty. We attach high importance on offering a delicious and authentic dining aboard experience which is equal or even better than the best restaurants ashore. Each day, something different is being cooked from the variety of the Turkish repertoire. Dining with a great view and under sky full of stars will make every meal a real feast for all senses.

An abundance of fruit, vegetables and salad are produced in South part of Turkey. Additionally, almonds, olives and herbs are all grown locally and naturally. Also, a selection of fresh seafood, meat,
chicken and pastries will be always on your table. You will be amazed by the variety and taste of Turkish Cuisine.

In case of any dietary restriction, our chefs will prepare special menus that would suit your special diet such as vegetarian, gluten free diet or special menu for allergies. Prior to the departure, we will send you our questionnaire where you may let us know your favorite foods and any food preference.

In case of renting a private yacht, there are 2 options for the food. If you would like, you can shop from  market and bring all of your foods and drinks with you for the duration of your holiday.

To avoid planning, confliction about what to buy or waste time you may benefit from Tum Tour’s special and traditional menus with extra daily expense. In our tours, food section is one of the most
appreciated fields. There are standard, luxes, deluxe and all inclusive menus.

Our prices for the menus;

  • Standard menu is 20 EUR daily per person,
  • Lux menu is 30 € (euro) daily per person,
  • Deluxe menu is 40 EUR daily per person
  • All inclusive (all local alcohol and soft drinks together with deluxe menu) is 80 EUR daily for a
  • person.
  • Unlimited soft drinks are 10 EUR daily per person.
  • The minimum rate of Food is 1.000 € weekly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for the private boat rental food menu list.

In case of cabin charter, full board is offered which is already included in the price of accommodation.
Beverages and alcohol is to be bought from the bar in the yacht.

In addition to that, TUM TOUR always takes your preferences into consideration and attaches high importance on your opinions and food taste. We are flexible to make changes and adjustments according to your wishes.