Yoga & Yacht Charter

Yoga and Pilates Blue Cruise in Turkey

We invite you to our Yoga cruise along the magical shore of Mediterranean and Aegean Sea!!!

If you would like to have a Yoga Yacht charter with our Yoga Teacher, join our cruise between 27 September- 04 October 2014 on Marmaris- Gocek- Fethiye- Marmaris blue cruise route. For more information please check our blog .

Yoga cruise means salluting the sun in sunrise and sunset, practicing yoga sessions under trees on the land, at a beautiful beach on soft sand or at the deck of your yacht, increasing happiness, lightness , recharging yourself and healing your spirit in a splendid nature with yoga nutrition during yacht charter. You will enjoy sun and sea with abundant awareness.

Yoga cruise is litterally a gift for your body and soul.



  • Yoga class
  • Breakfast
  • Leisure time
  • Lunch
  • Leisure time
  • Tea party
  • Leisure time
  • Agnihotra
  • Yoga class
  • Dinner
  • Leisure time

Yoga Teacher: Our experienced and certified Yoga teacher will welcome you on the yacht and share her yoga experience and knowledge with you during your yacht tour. She learned doing yoga in Thailand and India and has been doing Yoga for 11 years.

What we provide in yoga yacht charter:

  • Yoga Mats: We provide you Manduka Mats which are not plastic and 100% natural and organic are made out of kautshuk trees. These non-bacterial mats are non-skid and stick to the floor.
  • Yoga Foam Rollers: Yoga Foam Rollers are used especially for Iyengar Yoga. They are very light and non-skid. You can use in three different height for dynamic and yin exercises.
  • Yoga Belts: Especially for Yin Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. Yoga Belts are used for multipurpose such as stretching easily and taking support for some exercises.
  • Eye Pillows: They are all hand-made.
  • Yoga and Meditation Pillows: Yin Yoga Pillows have cotton fabric.
  • Yoga Blankets: The size of the blankets is 142 x 172 cm. These cotton fabric yoga blankets are used during Yoga nap.
  • Neti Pots: Purple Neti Pots for Jala Neti which is a method for cleaning nose. Neti Potsa re used to help relieve of sinus, allergy and nasal obstruction.
  • Incenses: Natural Nag Champa Goloka Incenses: imported from India and one of special incenses with their special smell in the World. Each incenses burn approximately 45 min.
  • Decoration: We are decorating your yacht and cabins with little Buddha sculptures, Tibetan Prayer Flags and wooden aums etc. in order to increase your yoga motivation and take pleasure from your yoga tour.
  • Music: Deva Premal, Dechen Shag-Dagsay, Jai Uttal, Donna de Lori, Gurumaji..etc. who are  Mantra Singers or Norah Jones, Madredeus, Mercan Dede, John Surman, Ravi Shankar, Rabih Abou Khalil for your resting time

Price also includes

  • 7- day trip on a gullet of your choice
  • One professional yoga instructor
  • 7 nights accommodations in cabins with private bathrooms
  • 2 yoga session per day
  • Bed linen and towels
  • The salary and the service of the crew,
  • Diesel-oil for sailing maximum 3-4 hours daily,
  • Yacht laundry,
  • The utility water,
  • Sea-port costs, the costs for port of exit, taxes,
  • Air conditioner for 8 hours per day for the tours chosen with air conditioner.
  • Also to provide you the best ambiance and best service, prices includes;

Price doesn’t include:

Food, drinks, transfer, the cost of extra sailing, the cost of the sea-ports which are not in the program, land tours, tip, the cost of the territorial waters of Greek, water sports.

Yoga Cruise without an instructor

If you would like to Yoga cruise but don’t need an instructor, our professional team will also prepare a perfect tour for you considering your all requirements. Above listed yoga material will also be provided for you.

Other Activities:

Beside your youga exercises, you will be very busy with swimming, sunbathing, watersports, seeing different places, bays, historical ruins, relaxing and enjoying the fresh fruits and very delicious Turkish and International cuisine prepared by your cook diligently.

Route: Yoga or Pilates cruise routes can be chosen among the below options or we can prepare you a different route according to your wishes.