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Yacht Charter Turkey Company Organization

Gulet Charter Holiday Turkey is the best award for your employees. You can combine Private Yacht Charter Holiday in Turkey with a company meeting.

Yacht Charter Turkey Company Organization
After a busy and intensive working period in winter, summer comes with its disincentive warm weather and distracts many employees from their work. After such a busy period, many big sized companies reward their employees with small gifts and extra holidays. It is difficult to keep the employees motivated all the time. Therefore, small incentives are always needed to keep the business well going. The best way of incentives is to organize one of the company meeting in a Luxury Yacht in Southern Turkey, Greece Islands or Croatia.As many companies do, you can have your workshop in a Luxury Gulet on either in the saloon inside which has air-condition and that would increase your motivation as in a Hotel meeting room or outside on the stern deck with a nice breeze and view which may also distract you a little. As a second option, you can have your workshops in a Hotel and come back to your Private yacht every afternoon for overnight stay in a bay nearby. You will be swimming, enjoying delicious food, sun and beautiful nature with delicious barbecue at your spare times. Some big companies with their sub brands organize such meetings. On the contrary of general belief, it is not more expensive than a Hotel Meeting Workshop. If you have a certain budget and have workshop in Low or Mid- Season instead of High Season of Private Yacht Charter, your company would end up with very reasonable prices.Such combination of blue cruise and company workshop is a great award for the employees and will increase their productivity and motivation. If you have good employees that moves your company in an upper level, don’t forget about your employees and try to keep them motivated.

Private Gulet Holiday is a very relaxing and refreshing holiday. So your colleagues and employees will be ready for a busy winter and they will be looking forward to the next Gulet Workshops. Some luxury yachts have a quite big saloon with big dining table which is sufficient for up to 16 persons. Luxury Yacht Charter Agency in Tukey can provide you flipcharts, boards, projector and all material that you may need during your workshop. If you are a bigger group and charter more than one yacht, you can either get together in one of your Private Gulet for the Workshop.


For bigger groups more than 40 person, the luxury yacht charter agency can organize your meetings in Hotel. Instead of having workshop in the same Hotel every day, you can have the workshop in different Hotels on your preferred blue cruise destination. For example, you can embark your luxury yacht in Marmaris and have your first meeting in a Hotel that your yacht moor in the front, afternoon you can sail to Turunc where you can have your workshop in a boutique hotel the next day. The Third meeting day you can arrive to Fethiye or Oludeniz to have your workshop in a nice Hotel on the seaside. We will organize all the Hotels and your equipment. You will not change your equipment each type. The yacht crew and Hotel personnel will be helping you with your meeting set up.

B & B 2 Gulet can be a good example for large Groups who would like to have meeting on board. It has 16 cabins and can accommodate up to 32 guests. Its saloon and deck are very big and has many tables which would be proper for group workshops.

Yacht Charter Turkey For Companies

Gulet Charter Vacation and Workshop may be a great opportunity for you and your company.