For those who spend hours online to make a holiday reservation and would like to experience a different holiday, yacht charters which is combined with your personal interests such as Golfing, Biking, Yoga, Pilates and professional fishing can be a perfect match for you.

Many people consider holidays as a possibility to relax without doing much. However, there are many ways that you can combine a relaxing holiday with your hobbies or favorite sport. Private yacht charter holiday in Turkey is one of them.

Yacht tours combined with hobbies are only offered as private yacht charter since it’s a tailor-made holiday.

Below you can see some options for such yacht tours:

Yoga – Pilates Yacht Charter Tours

It is getting one of the most desirable holidays. Yoga lovers are enjoying doing yoga on sun rise and sunsets in beautiful bays. That also enables yoga groups to work out with more concentration.

Yachts are fully equipped with yoga materails such as yoga mats, foam rollers, belts, eye pillows, yoga and meditation pillows, blankets, neti pots, incenses. The incenses and proper music in yacht is also increasing the motivation of the group.

Biking and Yacht Charter

It is one of the favorite tour for moderate cyclists. Biking tours are always guided with a professional guide. At the end of the day, cyclists are relaxing in their private yacht and enjoying their dinner. Different route options are available and according to the skill level. Well maintained mountain bikes and protection equipment are provided by our yacht agency.

Golf and Yacht Charter

Our guests are enjoying the yacht tour and playing golf in Golf Clubs in Turkish coast. Transportation to the golf clubs and golf instructors is provided by our agency upon request.

Professional Fishing

Many of the yacht has amateur fishing equipment but if you would like to fish professionally, necessary equipment is provided.

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