Greek Islands Departure Routes

Dodecanese North : Kos (Cos)- Pserimos- Leros- Patmos- Arki- Lipsi- Kalymnos- Pathia Harbor- Kos 7 Days

DAY 1 Arriving to Kos and check in the luxury yacht. In the harbor you will enjoy your dinner.It is one of the biggest island among the Dodecanese (a group of 12 larger and 150 smaller Greek islands in the Aegean Sea) and as also known that it is one of the most beautiful and most characteristic island of the region. There are 32.000 inhabitants living here and it also welcomes nearly 1 million tourists every year. Kos Island which is the nearest Greek island to Turkey had a significant development in recent years. “Hippocrates” -who was born in Kos Island- traveled all over the North Anatolia and therefore, Kos Island also became popular for the people who are interested in medical science. But also, wine, olives and spices of the region had a great fact on making this area popular. The island had also been used as storage for the goods gained in wars during the time of “Alexander the Great”. As a result of archeological studies, it has found out that there are signs of Carians, Persians and Romans. Additionally, this Island was home for painter- Apelles and poet- Theocritus for a while and then was used as educational center by Persians. What do you know about roman empire that existed in Turkey years ago?



DAY 2   Early in the morning while your yatch is preparing for a great cruise, you will be having your first breakfast of your tour. And then your dream vacation will start to sail to Pserimos Island.

After lunch and swimming break in Pserimos Island, you will cruise to another beautiful Greek island Leros. Leros is one of the biggest 12 Dodecanese Greek Islands. Coast line is about 46 kilometers. After a swimming break in Xerakampos, you will anchor at Lakki Harbour or Agia Marina Port located in the east. On Leros you will find many restaurants, fish taverns, bakeries and confectioneries with traditional Lerian sweets, coffee shops, discos bars and clubs. You should visit Platanos the main city of Leros with flower gardens, steep stairs and narrow streets. From Platanos you can take the steps leading up the Castle of Leros climbing 300 steps.  For those seeking fun and lively nightlife, Leros has a very interesting one. Bars and night clubs with foreign and Greek music, restaurants with live folk music and traditional local songs Lerika keep the tourists until late at night. Leros has a very good tourist infrastructure, many hotels, apartments and self catering studios, beautiful beaches and perfect roads where you can visit all the resorts of the island in less than an hour. Most streets are covered on both sides with eucalyptus and pine trees. Did you know that you can travel between Turkish islands and Greek islands?


DAY 3   Early in the morning you start sailing toward Patmos Island. After a swimming break in a bay around the island, you will arrive in Patmos Island. Patmos is one of the best known but a small island. It has a very religious history due to the writing of St. John’s Book of Revelations in the holy Cave of the Apocalypse, and that’s why Patmos is sometimes called “The Jerusalem of the Aegean”. The Monastery of St. John’s was constructed at the top of the mountain, is so prominent, that it can be seen from any place of the island. The Monastery is in the center in a village called Chora. According to mythology, Patmos was a present from Zeus to his daughter Artemis, goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon. She was worshipped here and the monastery of St. John was built on her temple. You may have an optional tour to these places. After breakfast, you may have a walk through the monasteries. Also the Island offers a wide selection of beaches with its 63 km coastline. Our charter private yacht will stay in Patmos Port for dinner and an overnight stay.

DAY 4   On your 4th day of your blue cruise with your private yacht, you will sail to Arki Island. The Island of Arki  belongs to the group of islands laid on Aegean Sea called Dodekanisa.The name of archipelago comes from the twelve islands which creates it  (dodeka-gr.12), though in reality there are more of them. It is so special because it has long and intricate history, and it is also situated in an interesting place. Island of Arki is one of very few islands where 3/4 of the terrain is still uninhabited and untouched  by people. Splendid views, form of terrain as well as  very longed-for by every tourist peace and  quiet makes it an attractive place for holidays. Apart from holidays there are only 50 people on the island who live from fishing as well as farming and breading animals (mainly goats). Would you think that 50 people live on an island peacefully?


DAY 5   On your 5th day, you will sail to Lipsi Island. You will have a swimming break in one of the many small islands in front of Lipsi. On Lipsi Island the Church of the Catopanaghia constructed in the 7th century which deserves a visit, along with the Church of Panaghia tou Charou from the 15th century. On the island, there are beautiful sandy beaches with 36 km coastline, like Platis and Giolos with their crystal green waters. The capital with its white houses, numerous small taverns and cafes which you will find local delicacies, is located in the small natural port.

DAY 6    Today, first you will take a swimming break in a beautiful bay around Kalimnos Island.

Thereafter, your yacht will enter to Pothia Harbour which is the capital of Kalimnos.
Island. The islanders ensured their livelihood with sponge diving for centuries. There are nice beaches such as Massouri, Mirties and Vlyhadia around the island.

DAY 7   You are in Kos Island again. Today, you will also have the chance to do some shopping in Kos. The last diner on the boat will make you remember the whole good memories of yours. The overnight stay will be in Kos Harbor.

DAY 8    After breakfast, your crew will help you with check out with hoping to see you again in another blue cruise with private yacht  in Turkey


Our customers who choose this route are subject an additional costs. First island will be charged as 700 € and then every island will be charged as 500€.

Extra Tours (upon request with additional cost): Patmos exile of St. John