Bodrum Departure Routes

14 Days Bodrum – Hisaronu Gulf – Marmaris – Gocek Gulf – Fethiye – Bodrum

DAY 1      Welcome to Bodrum and to your luxury Yacht. Yacht Charter is a great holiday that you will enjoy the following week. After you check in your luxury yacht, you will have your diner with a great view of Bodrum castle and your first overnight stay will be in Bodrum Harbor. Bodrum is very famous with its night life, bars and pubs. If you wish, you may enjoy your night here in nightclubs or have a walk in Bodrum Marine. Bodrum is also a favorite vacation area for Turkish celebrities, high society and intellectuals.Bodrum is one of the oldest city of Kyra Area and its history goes until B. C. 1200.  Bodrum has known as “Halicarnassus” and it is also known as a city of historian “Hederot”. In  B. C. 456 the city which was conquered by “Persians” has fended heretically by the queen “Artemisia”  after that Maussolos made the “Halicarnassus” capital city, he built various structures. After his death, his wife, 2nd Artemisia took over the control and she built a monument in a memory of her husband which is one of the 7 wonders of the world and it has 36 columns, 24 stairs to the roof, total height is 55metres. In the near future this amazing monument has been taken to the British Museum. The city was conquered by the Turks in 1247. Today it is still possible to see the antique remains of this monument, antique theatre and also one of the most important undersea museum and the Bodrum Castle (St. Peter Church). Near the harbor there are pubs, restaurants, shopping areas and a lot of entertainments like this.

DAY 2      After a nice breakfast on your luxury yacht in Bodrum, you will sail to the “Dark Ada” which has the healing mud and thermal water in Turkey. It is all covered with pine forests.

Thereafter, your private yacht sails toward to Palamutbükü which is a great blue cruise holiday destination. It is a beautiful bay which has very beautiful fish restaurants. If you like, you may have a swim and have a walk in the long beach through the trees. You will enjoy this bay, dinner and overnight stay will be here.

DAY 3      Today your luxury gulet yacht will take you aother beautiful places, you will have the chance to see and spend great time in Cnidus/ Knidos   Bay. Cnidus Bay was moved to “Tekir Burnu” for some commercial reasons in B.C. 4th century. In this bay there are many magnificent shrines, holy areas, theatres and glorious buildings. Many scientists and artificer were born and grown up here. The second most important medical school of the history opened up in Cnidus. You will also be able to see Aphrodite sculpture which was made by Praksiteles. Just to see this sculpture, many people has been coming from all around the world. After you walk around one of the most important historical cities in Turkey, you will enjoy the pure and very clean sea in this bay.

DAY 4      While enjoying delicious Turkish Cuisine during your holiday in Turkey, swimming and sunbathing in your gulet, today your private yacht route will be toward to Datca where you will be amazed by the beauty. Datca has a very low humidity and one of the most beautiful touristic city in Turkey. Now that you are in Datca, you should also visit the old city. Old Datca houses increase the visual richness of the streets with its artistic value, stone craft. While you walk around, you will be smelling beautiful flowers that surrounds the streets in Datca.  As a result of architectural studies, some ceramic factories have been found from 4th Century. Datca is also famous with its windmills. If you wish, you can also enjoy shopping and bars in Datca.

DAY 5      On the 5th day of your luxury yacht tour, you will sail to Orhaniye while enjoying warm wind and nice sun. It is surrounded by mountains and reminds a pool. This place is also a popular place for fishes. It has a very unique sun set and is very charming for tourists and also Turkish People with its mythological history and the interesting geographic design. Orhaniye Castle and the island were used to be home for Rhodes Knights. Moreover, it has an antique church and antique remains. The most interesting part of Orhaniye is “Kizkumu”. Kizkumu which is a long road or platform out of red sand divides the sea into two and this platform also enables people to walk on the water. Many tourists get fascinated with this interesting natural structure since this sand platform which is approx. 650 meters haven’t disappeared for hundreds of years. There is also a belief that people who wish something while walking on this sand road make their wishes come true.

Right after enjoying your time in Kýzkumu, you will move to Selimiye which is one of the most untouched villages in Turkey. Some people describe this place as paradise since it has a very peaceful nature and very clean and creamy sea water. It is a very precious area with its history, pine forests, olive and almond trees, clean water, clean air and friendly local people. It has the name of “Hydas” in the antique ages and then it took the name of “Losta”. Other known name of Selimiye is “Red Village” which is one of the favorite holiday destination in Turkey. It took this name because while the sun goes down slowly, you can see red color all around behind the mountains.

DAY 6      After another nice breakfast in your private yacht charter tour, your captain will take you to “Bozburun”. This village is settled in a bay which has a lot of hills. In this small village, there are many fisher boats. Its history goes back 4.000 years ago and here is one of the most important places shipyards where the Gullets are produced. Tum Tour’s own shipyard is also in this village. You can easily see remains of castles and graves in the city which also named “Poseidonion” by the local people. You will also see a beautiful large beach which has been formed by alluvium that has been carried by a river.

Subsequently, you will sail to “Serce Harbour. This Harbor can be barely seen from far, the entrance of this natural harbor looks like a gorgeous door sculptured from rocks. As a result of some underwater researches, a submerged ship from 11th century and some historical glass objects were found and the objects were sent to Bodrum Underwater Museum. Therefore, Serce Harbor is known as a place of these archeological findings.

After this natural harbor your yacht will take you to “Kadirga Bay” which has a cute lighthouse and attracts so many tourists. Diner and overnight stay will be here.

DAY 7     After a delicious and satisfying breakfast in Kadirga, you will sail to “Turunc” for lunch. Turunc is a little cozy town with the population of 3.500. It also has a very nice beach that you may enjoy swimming and lying on. This little town is the first place which received European blue flag reward.

Afternoon, your captain will take you to your last stop to Marmaris. It is located where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea join each other. Marmaris is one of the most important touristic city in Turkey and  seems like a natural harbour surrounded by pine-clad hills and forests with an elegant palm lined promenade leading to a busy marina, splendid beached and a crystal clear sea which is ideal for swimming ,water sports and sailing. Among Turks it is known as “Green Marmaris” because of its landscape that is covered with a pine forests. The Bay of Marmaris is a very well protected natural post with a pier for ships and several marinas for hundreds of luxury yachts from all over the world. Marmaris Castle was established in 1577 by Ottomans. There are also a Mosque and some antique remains that were built by Ottomans. For shopping lovers, it has a very big bazaar where you can find very nice and cheap clothes, bags, shoes and so on. You may enjoy spending the rest of the night at one of the bars, discos or night clubs located mainly at the Bar Street in Marmaris. There are many bars and restaurants in Marina. Yacht Charter in Marmaris becomes a centre for yachting business since there are 3 big Harbours.

DAY 8     After you have your first breakfast in your yacht, you will start cruising and your dream vacation will start. Your first route is to Ekincik. Ekincik is a small village which covered with pine trees everywhere, here pine trees grows even in the sea. You will be amazed with the beauty of the nature.

If you wish, from Ekincik you can attend one of our extra tour Dalyan where the gullet yachts are not allowed to get in and the small boats are used as shuttle service.

DALYAN     While you continue sailing with small boat, you will pass through an amazing natural water canal and arrive to one of the “Caria city” named as Dalyan. Set inland on the banks of the Dalyan River, the village of Dalyan is a peaceful holiday backwater unspoilt by mass tourism. The romance of the place is heightened each morning as a fleet of gaily-painted boats chug off down the river carrying holidaymakers to the glorious sandy beaches at the mouth of the river delta. Starting from Dalyan Harbor the voyage through beds of bulrushes and pampas grass takes around 45 enjoyable minutes- the entire Delta is a protected National Conservation area and is home to over 100 species of birds along with no less than three varieties of turtle, including the Loggerhead Caretta Caretta. A popular activity among tourists visiting Dalyan is to take a mud bath on the bank of the river. The mud supposedly contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are beneficial for the skin and overall health. There is also hot natural water springs a little distance away from Dalyan but also accessible by boat. The famous beach “Iztuzu” that lasts for 4 km along the sea. The ancient rock tombs of the Kings have become another symbol of Dalyan after the famous Sea Turtles, Caretta Carettas. Although there are many rock tombs around the area, the most famous are those which look direct to the Dalyan town from the opposite side of the river. These tombs are the resting places of the Kings of Caunos. They are carved in the style of Lycian rock tombs. The ruins of the ancient city of Caunos are close by and can by reached by boat or on foot. It was originally on the sea, but its harbor gradually silted up and felt into disuse. It has only been partially excavated but the remains are extensive and include a theatre dating from the 2nd century BC, Roman baths, temple of Apollo and agora or marketplace.

DAY 9     Today you will start your day earlier than other days since on the way to Monastery Bay, it may get wavy afternoons. You will have your breakfast in Monastery Bay.  The whole afternoon will be in this green-blue bay and you will enjoy your time by swimming and sunbathing. Thereafter, you will sail one of another bay around Monastery Bay and have your dinner and overnight stay in this bay.

DAY 10  After a very nice breakfast as every day, your private yacht will take you to Fethiye. Fethiye is located on the site of the ancient city of Telmessos, the ruins of which can be seen in the city, e.g. the Hellenistic theatre by the main quay. A Lycian legend explains the source of the name Telmessos as follows. The god Apollo falls in love with the youngest daughter of the King of Phoenicia, Agenor. He disguises himself as a small dog and thus gains the love of the shy, withdrawn daughter. After he reappears as a handsome man, they have a son, whom they name ‘Telmessos’ (the land of lights). The city became part of the Persian Empire after the invasion of the Persian general Harpagos in 547 BC, along with other Lycian and Carian cities. Telmessos then joined the Attic-Delos Union established in mid-5th century BC. Fethiye is also home to the Tomb of Amyntas, a large and beautiful tomb built in 350 BC by the Lycians. What makes this tomb very unique is its massive size and beautiful carvings. Fethiye is one of  Turkey’s well-known tourist centers in Turkey.

SAKLIKENT      If you wish, you can attend to one of our extra tour “Hidden City” (Saklýkent) tour. Saklýkent is the biggest and the deepest canyon of Turkey which formed with the snow waters. After passing through the 100 meters of wooden bridge, you may cool yourself with the waterfall. The Canyon is 300 meters deep and 18 km long, one of the deepest in the world, resulting from the abrasion of the rocks by flowing waters over thousands of years. As the level of water rises during winter months, visitors can enter the canyon only in the summer.

DAY 11     On your 11th day of your blue cruise, right after your breakfast, you will sail to ancient sunken Turkish Bath and enjoy swimming in such a nice nature. You will also be amazed by the beauty of the view of towns and villages while you drink your tea or coffee. This perfect bay is known as the place where Cleopatra took her bath. The half of the Turkish bath has sunk under the water and the other half still stays over the water. Diner and overnight stay will be another beautiful bay which is close by.

DAY 12     Early in the morning, your yacht will start sailing smoothly towards to Kumlubük while you have your first breakfast in your private yacht.   Kumlubük is a small and cozy village which you would like its sea and beach.

Thereafter, you will go to the “Ciftlik Bay” for the lunch where the sea is always shiny.

After lunch and swimming break, you will sail to Bozukkale (Loryma). After lunch you will sail to “Bozukkale” (Loryma). In Ottoman Empire time, Bozukkale was used by the war ships for a break time and today cruise yachts stop in this beautiful bay. It has a narrow entrance and the wind can’t come in this bay since it is covered by mountains. Loryma antique remains are settled near the entrance, on the hills of the bay. The most important remain which had been left until today is the castle. It is 120 meters of length and 10 meters of width.

DAY 13     Today, your first visit will be to Aktur. If you are lucky, you may see the dolphins and seals while heading to AKTUR. 800 meters long beach and very clean water will welcome you in Aktur. This would be a great time for you to enjoy some water sports. Between two bays the wind is very adequate for surfing. You will have a peaceful night in this bay.

DAY 14     After a nice breakfast on the luxury yacht, you will sail on the very smooth sea, and arrive “Orak Island” which may remind you an aquarium with its shiny turquoise colored water. As you will also see, the slope of the mountain is full of olive trees. This bay is one of the favorite place for scuba divers.

Subsequently, we will move back to Bodrum harbor. Diner and the overnight stay will be in Bodrum harbor. If you wish, you may enjoy your last night here in nightclubs or have a walk in Bodrum Marine.

DAY 15     After your last breakfast in your private yacht, your crew will help you with checking out with hoping to see you in another blue cruise.

The best thing to have 14 days yacht charter tour is to be able to see many bays and fascinating places at once. Luxury Yacht Charter Holidays in Turkey in 14 days will amaze you with all the beautiful places in Turkey coastline.

Extra Tours (upon request with additional cost): Dalyan Caunos, Tlos / Saklikent, Turkish Hamam