Bodrum Departure Routes

7 Days Bodrum – Cnidus – Bozburun – Greek Islands – Bodrum

DAY 1     Welcome to Bodrum and to your private yacht.  After you check in, you will have your diner with a great view of Bodrum castle and your first overnight stay will be in Bodrum Harbor. Bodrum is very famous with its night life, bars and pubs. If you wish, you may enjoy your night here in nightclubs or have a walk in Bodrum Marine. Bodrum is also a favorite luxury blue cruise vacation area for Turkish celebrities, high society and intellectuals. Bodrum is one of the oldest cities of Kyra Area and its history goes until B. C. 1200.  Bodrum is known as “Halicarnassus” and it is also known as a city of historian “Hederot”. In B. C. 456 the city which was conquered by “Persians” has fended heretically by the queen “Artemisia” after that Maussolos made the “Halicarnassus” capital city, he built various structures. After his death, his wife, 2nd Artemisia took over the control and she built a monument in a memory of her husband which is one of the 7 wonders of the world and it has 36 columns, 24 stairs to the roof, total height is 55metres. In the near future this amazing monument has been taken to the British Museum. The city was conquered by the Turks in 1247. Today it is still possible to see the antique remains of this monument, antique theatre and also one of the most important undersea museum and the Bodrum Castle (St. Peter Church). Near the harbor there are pubs, restaurants, shopping areas and a lot of entertainments like this.

DAY 2   Today your yacht charter will start in a beautiful bay, you will have the chance to see and spend great time in Cnidus/ Knidos Bay. Cnidus Bay was moved to “Tekir Burnu” for some commercial reasons in B.C. 4th century. In this bay there are many magnificent shrines, holy areas, theatres and glorious buildings. Many scientists and artificer were born and grown up here. The second most important medical school of the history opened up in Cnidus. You will also be able to see Aphrodite sculpture which was made by Praksiteles. Just to see this sculpture, many people has been coming from all around the world. After you walk around one of the mostFor the Lunch, you will sail to Inceburun. Inceburun will be one of the most beautiful bay which you have ever seen. You will have swimming break in this bay.After lunch you will sail toward Bencik Bay as your last stop today. In this bay, there is an island named as “Dislice”. The rock walls in this island are very impressive. You will love the view in this bay.

DAY 3   After a nice breakfast in Bencik Bay, your private yacht will take you to Dirsekbuku.After your lunch and a swimming break, you will go to a small fisher village Bozburun’s harbor. Your dinner and overnight stay will be in Bozburun. This village is settled in a bay which has a lot of hills. In this small village, there are many fisher boats. Its history goes back 4.000 years ago and here is one of the most important places shipyards where the Gullets are produced. Tum Tour’s own shipyard is also in this village. You can easily see remains of castles and graves in the city which also named “Poseidonion” by the local people. You will also see a beautiful large beach which has been formed by alluvium that has been carried by a river.

DAY 4   After your breakfast in the private yacht, your captain will take you to Rhodes for an  another amazing charter day. Rhodes is the biggest island among the other Greek islands and it has been known as a center of the Greek islands. The island hosts over 1 million tourists every year.
Besides it’s fast night life, many tourists like doing picnics here. Rhodes Island is famous with its beaches. In addition to its warm sea and beautiful beaches, diving is also very popular here. Wind surfing is another popular activity in Rhodes. Main Rhodes Harbor is known as Rhodes city. This place is separated as Old Town and New Town. In New town there is the most beautiful beach of the Rhodes island. “arbor Monument with its 32 meters length which is one of the seven wonders of the world was on the Rhodes island. In the sunset the view of the sea is just amazing. The island which developed in 1920, was under control of Roman Empire in the 5th century. In 15th century the chevaliers lived on this island.

DAY 5   Today, you will have chance to see another Greek Island. Your private yacht will sail to Symi and anchor at a near bay to Symi Harbour. In this beautiful bay, you will have your lunch and a swimming break. Afternoon you will arrive to Symi Harbour. It is an island where you can see cute neoclassical houses. To describe it best, we can say it is the most romantic island among Greek Islands. In this island, you will see some bays where monasteries were built by monks, small agricultural areas, olive groves on the vales and lots of Greek Taverns. Historical paths will take you to the ancient times J Symi is a very attractive island for foreigners and many tourists moved in this island recently.

DAY 6    Today early in the morning, your private yacht will sail to Nisyros Island and you will have your very satisfying and rich breakfast under volcano of Nisyros. It is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Its shape is approximately round, with a diameter of about 8 km (5 mi), and an area of 41.6 km2 (16.062 sq mi). The island has a 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) to 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) wide caldera, and was constructed within the past 150,000 years.Its coasts are generally rocky or pebbled, but there are also a few sandy beaches. According to Greek mythology, the island was formed when Poseidon cut off a part of Kos and threw it onto the giant Polyvotis to stop him from escaping. The ancient name of the Nisyros was Porphyris. Ancient walls, dating from the 5th century BC, part of the acropolis of the island, are found near Mandraki. It was apparently also a source of millstones used in some of the earliest watermills, being referred to by epigrammatist Antipater of Thessalonica in the 1st century BC.

After some relaxing time in Nisyros Island, you will sail to Kos Island. It is one of the biggest island among the Dodecanese(a group of 12 larger and 150 smaller Greek islands in the Aegean Sea) and as also known that it is one of the most beautiful and most characteristic island of the region. There are 32.000 inhabitants living here and it also welcomes nearly 1 million tourists every year. Kos Island which is the nearest for your private yacht in turkey and greece had a significant development in recent years. “Hippocrates” -who was born in Kos Island- traveled all over the North Anatolia and therefore, Kos Island also became popular for the people who are interested in medical science. But also, wine, olives and spices of the region had a great fact on making this area popular. The island had also been used as storage for the goods gained in wars during the time of “Alexander the Great”. As a result of archeological studies, it has found out that there are signs of Carians, Persians and Romans. Additionally, this Island was home for painter- Apelles and poet- Theocritus for a while and then was used as educational center by Persians.

DAY 7    For customs formalities of private yacht charter, first of all we will arrive to Bodrum Harbour on your last day. After a breakfast in Bodrum Harbour, will leave Bodrum and you will sail to the “Dark Ada” which has the healing mud and thermal water. It is all covered with pine forests.

Thereafter, we will move back to Bodrum harbor. Diner and the overnight stay will be in Bordum harbor.

DAY 8    After breakfast, your crew will help you with checking out.  We hope you enjoy your  private yacht charter holidays in Turkey.

Our customers who choose this route are subject an additional costs. First island will be charged as 700 € and then every island will be charged as 500€

Optional Extra Tours (upon request with additional cost): Monastery of Panormitis, Rhodes Old City, Nisyros Volcano Tour, Turkish Bath.