The moment people decide to pick up their belongings and go for a yacht charter in Turkey, it might seem easy job to do. However, there are some criteria that will boost your expectation and joy that you will have during yacht charter tour.

First of all, the easiest thing for a decent person to do would be going to a random tourism agency and ordering one of the yact tours possible. However, with a small research on the internet, you may actually get the most suitable yacht for your requirements quicker than any random agency. The most important point is to know what you want. When you clear out what you want, the rest is child’s play.

What to want?

Well, question is tricky, you might not know what do you want for your yacht trip but here we’ll give you some inside opinions.

Number of Guests

First of all, you should consider how many people will you bring with you to your yacht. Generally yachts take maximum 12 passangers, but of course there might be some minor changes. So if you are looking forward to bring only 1 friend, you should consider that there will be 10 more people around you.

Cabin Configurations

As you might consider yachts as hotels, cabin configurations change based on every yacht. Some of them are luxury yachts and some of them are classic type yachts. Therefore ask yourself what you need. Do you need a television in your cabin (Room) ? Such criterias will change your yacht trip as well as your travel price.


As tourism develops, many of the improvements advance in favor of customers. Food is one of them. Generally all the yacht charters offer food for free but still there might be some charters that does not offer food. You must ask this to your tourism agent or online.


Finally, your budget will make everything perfect eventually, but there are all types of yacht charters for all kind of budgets. To give one example to budget yacht tours we can advice you to choose cabin charters.

There are many ways to determine the best yacht tour for your wishes. To make everything perfect, you should invest a small time of communication with your tourism agent or through emailing.

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